Small Business Finance

A new day in small business funding


For many small and medium-size businesses access to short-term funding on reasonable terms is hard to find. Banks often require lots of financial statements and tax returns. The application process for loans often means weeks of waiting. And after all that, a frustrating “no” is often the final response.

Today is a new day

Check Center has leveraged its 30 years of serving the business community in California to launch a new funding service for small and medium-size business.

Turn your accounts receivable into quick cash

Accounts receivable funding is a quick, easy way to get cash for your business:

  • a three-page application takes minutes to complete
  • you’ll have a funding decision 2 business days after submitting the application
  • our dedicated team provides personal service so the process is easy for you

Here’s the way it works: we will buy your accounts receivable and you can take the proceeds from this sale to put more money in your business right away. The amount of funding depends on the amount of the invoice. You can get an advance of 80% of the value of your invoice.

Virtually any business can qualify for accounts receivable funding as long as it has outstanding invoices. While banks look closely at the company’s financials and the business owner’s personal history, we look at the strength of your company’s relationships with its customers.

Learn more about Check Center’s accounts receivable funding by clicking on the links below:

Check Center is a stable and successful financial partner
  • 30 years offering unique financial services in California

    1. – family-owned company with headquarters in Oakland, CA
    2. – 20 retail locations: 12 in San Francisco Bay Area, 8 in San Diego County
  • large, experienced financial partner
    1. – finances over $180MM in operations annually
    2. – company financial standing supervised by CA Dept. of Business Oversight
    3. – maintains confidential information of nearly 100,000 customers
  • fast, convenient service not available at banks
    1. – finances loans and check cashing for businesses
    2. – don’t have to wait for funds
    3. – offers personal service on nights, weekends and holidays
  • transparent, ‘pay as you go’ services not available at banks
    1. – no expensive service and maintenance fees
    2. – no hidden charges or set-up fees
  • national recognition for community service
    1. – about 1% of revenue donated to community service
It’s a fast and easy process

step 1: apply for your funding

  • fast and easy: three-page application that takes minutes to complete
  • we’ll help you – personal service in 20 locations nights, weekends and holidays
  • confidentiality protection according to financial service industry standards
  • documents needed:
    1. – valid business license and personal ID
    2. – invoice(s) you want to sell

step 2: receive your decision

  • decision: 2 business days
  • advance up to 80% of invoice amount
  • transparent terms – fixed term, simple costs, no hidden fees
  • dedicated team in Oakland, CA provides support
    1. – prepares accounts receivable funding agreement
    2. – reviews company background and processes necessary paperwork
    3. – confirms invoice information

step 3: receive your funds

  • funds deposited by next business day
  • all disbursement done by secure, inexpensive wire transfers
  • preferential rate of $8 per wire transfer

step 4: complete payment

  • dedicated team in Oakland, CA makes it easy

    1. – keeps you informed
    2. – sends payment address and information to your customer
    3. – receives normal invoice payment from customer
    4. – applies invoice payment to your account
Simple and transparent pricing
  • minimum amount of funding: $2,000
  • finance fees: fixed percentage charge based on the amount financed
    • fixed fee for the first 30 days
    • daily percentage rate after 30 days
of invoice
first month rate
per month
after first month
rate per day
$2,000 – $4,999 5.0% 0.167%
$5,000 – $9,999 4.0% 0.134%
$10,000 – $49,999 3.0% 0.100%
$50,000 – or more 2.5% 0.084%
amount $5,000
term 30 days
rate 4% ($200)
decision 2 business days
funding next day wire ($4,000)
collateral invoice
payment payment of invoice
safety your info is 100% secure
  • disbursement fees: secure funding via inexpensive wire transfers
    • preferential rate of $8 per transaction
    • funds deposited in your account by next business day
  • all disbursement done by secure, inexpensive wire transfers
  • late fees: after 90 days all balances charged 0.450% daily rate
Check it out: our accounts receivable funding is better
  Check Center Bank
type accounts receivable funding commercial loan
cost small, fixed percent of invoice interest and fees depend on your credit
application easy 3-page application financial statements and tax returns
decision 2 business days process takes weeks
commitment typically 30 days typically years
funding next business day often requires account
payment we do the work for you you pay for years