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Serving customers within 25 miles from Oakland, CA

3 Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

Now more than ever,it is important to have complete access and control of your finances.  Technology is making it easier for us to get the access and control we need.  There are also a few financial strategies everyone needs to gain a financial footing.

Here are 3 apps that can help youbudget, plan, monitor and even save:

  • StashStash is an app for banking, saving, learning and investing.  Stash a little bit at a time and watch it grow.  “Stashers”, as they call their clients, can track their spending, use free educational tools, and invest or stash a to build an emergency fund. Use our click our partner link to get $20.
  • PocketGuardPocketGuard is great because it helps you manage your spending. It is a money managing app that syncs all of your accounts so you can track them in one place, which helps with visualizing your spending. Seeing your expenses in one place can also help you catch unexpected charges and reoccurring expenses that have been forgotten. Another great feature of PocketGuard is that is features a list of services that its users can pay less for, given users options to lower their spending costs.
  • AcornsAre you looking for an app to help you save without having to do ANYTHING? Not only does Acorns help you find extra cash to save, it automatically invests it for you. The Acorns app can round up your everyday purchases and automatically invest them. For example, if your weekly grocery bill is $52.45, Acorns will draw $0.55 from your account and invest it. You can choose the stock portfolio that fits your preference, but don’t worry Acorns will give you suggestion curated by experts that align with your preferred level of risk. You can also partner with other businesses and Acorns will add the extra cash to your investment account…kind of like a cash back program.

Life is challenging right now and Check Center understands that looking at the long-term is great but you may need access to cash right now.  So, here are 3 ways we can help get money into her hands now:

1. Our MoneyGram® money transfer service offers an affordable and convenient money-wiring to Northern and Southern California, the U.S. and over 200 countries around the world. We offer same-day delivery that arrives in minutes, as well as an economy service that typically takes three business days. Delivery is reliable and secure via the MoneyGram network.

2. We also offer our Check Center Netspend® Visa® prepaid cards that allow you to shop online with security, monitor your spending habits, receive cash fast, and avoid raking up the interest fees you´d accrue using credit. Right now you can get $10 cash back and a free Check Center-Netspend card when purchasing a new card.

3. Check Center has 2 locations across Northern California

  • Berkeley, CA: 2005 San Pablo Ave., 94702
  • Oakland, CA: 302 E. 18th Street, 94606

Click  here to find the location near you.

Whatever your needs, you can trust us to be upfront. Check Center has developed a reputation for honest lending practices and being a community player. We donate a percentage of our yearly revenue towards scholarships and other community needs.

Let us help you show mom some love this year. Visit one of our convenient locations or www.checkcenters.com