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Finance Goals

Your finance goals are important.  Getting access to the money you need, when you need it is an important step to getting you to your goals.  Sometimes setting financial goals means starting with the basics: paying bills on time, sending money to your friends and family, the ability to make purchases or pay bills online, getting your paycheck a couple of days early or just having access to a little extra cash when you need it.

3 Ways Check Center Can Help

  • Check Center offers Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Cards to South and North California residents around San Diego County and the Bay Area. Ged Paid Fast: As a cardholder, you can get paid, receive government benefits, and even your tax return up to 2 days faster with direct deposit to your Check Center Netspend Visa Prepaid account.  Click here to learn more.
  • Check Center is extending many store hours beginning May 1, 2019. There are 10 Check Center locations in Berkley, Oakland and throughout the Bay Area (Berkely, CA; Fremont, CA – Washington Blvd.; Fremont, CA – Fremont Blvd.; Hayard, CA; Newark, CA; Oakland, CA; Richmond, CA; Rohnert Park, CA; Santa Rosa, CA – Mendocino Ave.; and Santa Rosa, CA – Stony Point Road) and 7 locations in San Diego County (Chula vista, CA; El Cajon, CA; Escondido, CA – Mission Ave.; Escondido, CA – Valley Parkway; San Diego, CA; San Marcos, CA and Vista, CA).  Click here to find the location near you.
  • Check Center is dependable, and we’ve made the process easy. Start your loan application online or on your phone.  Check Center offers 3 loan types so you can choose the loan that is right for you.  Click here to learn more.