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Can I Get a Personal Loan With No Credit Check?

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If you have tarnished credit, you might think there is no way you’ll ever get a personal loan. You know that most lenders won’t even consider approving your application and those that will charge exorbitant rates as high as 300-400 percent or more. That’s bad news for you, unless you visit a Check Center branch near Berkley and speak to one of our knowledgeable lending agents. We can help you get the money you need, without a credit check, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Why No Credit Check?

If your credit is already poor, and your FICO score is low, applying for a loan can be tough. Having your credit checked can make it even worse. Why? Because every time a lender checks your credit, your score takes another hit, taking it down another notch. It’s a horrible catch-22 – you need a loan to fix bad credit but applying for the loan is damaging your credit more. Unfair, and unfortunate.

How Do “No Credit Check” Loans Work?

When you choose to apply for a personal loan with no credit check, you’re asking the Santa Rosa lender to look at factors outside of your credit score to determine your creditworthiness. During such a “Soft” credit check, a lender will look at your credit background, using the same methods as you do when you check your credit score. These soft pulls don’t show up on your credit report and won’t cause your FICO score to drop, making it easier to keep rebuilding that number as you repay your creditors.

It’s Easy to Get Started

If a personal loan with no credit check sounds like the perfect financial solution for you, then drop by a Check Center near Oakland to get started. One of our representatives can walk you through the process, help you find the loan that will work best for your financial situation, and make sure the payments are within your budget, so you won’t have any trouble paying it back. Just like our community, we’re here to serve you and help you get the credit you need now around greater San Diego and the Bay Area. While you’re here, be sure to also check out our guide on how to get a payday loan with no credit check.