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Personal Installment Loans at Check Center

Your financial situation is not one-size fits all so you may need a solution that is more flexible. Life throws all kinds of crazy situations at us and we are not always prepared. Kids need new clothes, summer vacation is more expensive than you planned, utility bills are higher, groceries and everyday living expenses exceed your budget between paychecks. The list goes on and on. There are countless situations that could cause a shortage between pay days so you may need more than one solution.

You can use funds from a Personal Installment Loan for the same things as a payday loan or auto equity loan including groceries, bills, emergencies, home and car repairs and much more.

3 Ways Check Center Can Help

  • A Personal Installment Loan is flexible so you can borrow the amount of money that is right for you and your situation. Personal Installment Loans can range between $300 and $2500 at Check Center.
  • Personal Installment Loans have flexible terms so you can spread the payments out over time and the APR adjusts with the amount you borrow. Depending on how much you borrow, you could spread your payments out from 7 to 24 payments. This gives you time to plan and make payments in small increments.
  • Check Center offers Personal Installment Loans made by Lendify Financial LLC. Check Center has 10 locations in Berkley, Oakland and throughout the Bay Area (Berkely, CA; Fremont, CA – Washington Blvd.; Fremont, CA – Fremont Blvd.; Hayward, CA; Newark, CA; Oakland, CA; Richmond, CA; Rohnert Park, CA; Santa Rosa, CA – Mendocino Ave.; and Santa Rosa, CA – Stony Point Road) and 7 locations in San Diego County (Chula vista, CA; El Cajon, CA; Escondido, CA – Mission Ave.; Escondido, CA – Valley Parkway; San Diego, CA; San Marcos, CA and Vista, CA) to make finding the money you need more convenient. Click here to find the location near you.