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Serving customers within 25 miles from Oakland, CA

Top Two Expenses Americans Spend Money on Right Now

Did you know that consumer spending consistently accounts for about 70% of the U.S. economy? What Americans buy is usually split into two categories. First, there is the essentials like food, medicine, housing and clothing. Second, there is discretionary spending which includes all non-essential goods, services and experiences.

Two of the top discretionary expenses Americans spend money on at this time of the year is entertainment (concerts, movies, events, etc) and travel lodging. Whether you are planning on traveling for spring break or going out with the family now that the weather is getting nice Check Centers can help you stay covered financially.

3 ways Check Center can help you

  • Use a Netspend prepaid card from Check Center to help you set a budget or control expenses so you don’t over spend.
  • Check Center offers several loan options to help you manage travel or entertainment expenses like including Payday Loans up to $255
  • Check Center has 2 locations across Northern California (Berkeley, CA; Oakland, CA;) to make finding the money you need more convenient. Click here to find the location near you.